Essay: Travelling As A Part of Education

            Travelling has always been considered as a useful mean of gaining knowledge and education. Bacon says, “Travelling is the younger part is a part of education, in the elder, a part of experience”. Shakespeare remarks about the useful aspect of travelling by saying, “Home-Keep youths have homely wits”.

In the older days when there was no way of going from one town or country to another one, travelling was a great problem. But now the time has changed. If today a man is asked to go to the other side of the world, he is not surprised. He knows that the modern means of communication can take him to the far off countries in a short time.

There can be various purposes of travelling. For Example, a man may travel in connection with his business. We have seen people going to China, Japan, Korea in the East and Britain, France etc in the west. Even America is not thought to be a distant country in this regard. Then there are people whose main aim in going aboard is sightseeing. They are fond of going to see new places, strange cultures and meet aliens. It is a part of their habit to spend money and travel for this very purpose.

Travelling is very often undertaken these days as a part of education. Even in the past people used to travel for the sake of seeking knowledge and education. But it was the not too often, only the rich could afford this luxury. The education of a young man was not considered complete without travelling. The examples are too many quote. The Chinese travelers often came to India to visit the Buddhist seats of learning. The Muslims scholar on the other hand, went to Baghdad and Cordova for advance studies.

Travelling is a better teacher than books. Knowledge gained through books has not as deep an impact as knowledge gained through travelling. Books appeal to the mind only, travelling appeals to all the scenes. Subjects like history, geography, archaeology and economics are best taught through trips into foreign countries than books. Book knowledge is theoretical but travelling trains us in the battle of life. It creates a spirit of courage. Confidence and thirst for practical knowledge.

During travel, one meets people different nationalities, mixes with them and gains much from them. It also develops international understanding, which promotes peace and harmony in the world. Most conflicts arise from ignorance and lack of understanding between different nations of the world. If these nations know one another intimately, the existing misunderstanding will disappear. The golf between the hostile nationals will narrow down and in the long run will disappear. This will lead to understanding and even friendship between the rival people and nation.

Finally, there is another kind of joy for a traveler. When he comes back home after a long journey, the same home which appeared to home dull and uninspiring, gains a strange beauty and fascination for him. This feeling can be experienced only by a traveler and none else.

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