Character Sketch of Heat Lightning


The girl is the main character of the play. The whole story of the play revolves round her. She is of about twenty-three. Her clothes are wet and muddy. Her hair is disheveled.
She was at a party. It was dark and stormy night. She could have stayed all night with a friend but she thought she had enough gas to get home. She ran out of gas on her way home. She took her flashlight and locked the car and started walking down the road. She knew she could get a bus when it came along.
She must have walked just a little way when she noticed a car pulled off into a lane. She went near the car to get some gas. Before she could cal out. She saw someone opening the font door of the car and the dead body of a woman being dragged out in the mud. She was extremely frightened. She dropped her flashlight and started running. She could hear him behind her.
She reached a bus stop. There was already a man in the room. She told him that the killer was following her, and requested him to help her. He asked her if she could identify him or she had reported to the police. She replied in the negative and began to sob.
Then a second man knocked at the door. She got into the Women’s room and the second Man entered the room to take shelter from the stormy weather. She was afraid of the second Man because she thought he was the killer. But she was confident that the first Man would help her. The second Man asked the girl if somebody was bothering her and how far she had to go. She told him that she had to go to the town.
When the bus arrived, the second Man offered the girl and the first Man to get into the bus but they refused. The light died completely. The first Man took out flashlight from his pocket. It was the same flashlight that she had dropped. She had bolted the door before the Man came near to attack her. By chance a dog came there. It seized the Man with its sharp teeth and forced him to run away.


The first Man is the killer. He is about thirty-five years old handsome man. He is the man who has been following the frightened girl. He has already reached the bus station when the girl arrives here. The girl fails to recognize him as she has not seen his face clearly. On the contrary she considers him to be her guard. She asks him to help her. He promises to do so. He is very cunning and a professional criminal. He asks her whether she has reported to the police or not. When the second Man leaves, he takes out the flashlight and attacks her but she is saved by a dog.


The second Man is just a passenger who has come to the but station to take shelter from the storm. The girl takes him to be the killer and becomes nervous. The second man asks her why she is upset. The first Man tells him that it is because of the storm. When the bus arrives the second Man asks the first Man and the girl to get into the bus but they refuse. So he goes away and rides the bus.

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